Join Our House Raffle

A minimum of 3,000 tickets must be sold.

The maximum tickets sold for this raffle will be 5,000.

Somebody Will Win a Luxurious Three Bedroom/Two Bathroom House for $50!

In the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia there is a beautiful community loaded with amenities and activities to be enjoyed all year round.

Within that community is a beautiful home we’re raffling off at just $50 per ticket.

All of the proceeds from this raffle will benefit women who are fighting all stages of addiction and facing life threatening problems they can’t solve alone.  All funds raised will be devoted to helping with their addiction problems, getting them housing, food to eat and a job so these down-on-their-luck ladies can turn their lives around. Please navigate our website and find out more about our organization.

In a world of fraud with scam artists online all over the Internet  we expected the public to be skeptical.  That’s why we went the extra mile to let the world know that this house raffle is the real deal.

You May Have Found a New Place to Live, a Vacation Home or a Rental Property!

We urge everyone to review the documents below which include
We’re Not From Nigeria and We’re Not Here to Cheat Anybody

Purchase just one raffle ticket or as many as you like to increase your chances of winning but whatever you do, stop looking for property until after we hold the raffle drawing!

You can move in to this home and live in it yourself or just spend your vacations in this  beautiful community or rent it out and collect a tidy monthly income from a tenant — it’s entirely up to you.

There’s no fine print here; we are selling no more than 5,000 raffle tickets through December 31st, 2016.  Assuming we sell at least 3,000 tickets the drawing will be conducted by our attorney on Monday January 2nd, 2017.  (Make a note — if we don’t sell at least 3,000 tickets every dollar of your money will be refunded.) The drawing will be streamed live on Facebook and while we invite all ticket holders to attend the drawing in person, you do not need to be there in person at the drawing to win — or even take ownership of your new home!

Our attorney will handle all of the details of closing on this property making this whole transaction hassle-free.

We’ll just sign over the title and mail you the deed and the keys to your new home!

The property is “free and clear” with no tax liens or encumbrances of any kind.  As of the day of the drawing, the new owner of this property will be responsible for any and all taxes, associated fees and all of the other normal costs of owning a home in an exquisite community.

Buy A Raffle Ticket

Don’t you want to win a house? Purchase your ticket directly through our website!

Please be advised that due to local and state laws, the purchase of your raffle ticket is not tax-deductible. The raffle is considered a game of chance and therefore cannot be labeled as tax-deductible. All donations are considered tax-deductible.